material shopping

material shopping

modeling clay for more creative freedom but not as interactive.




Another idea we had is to re-design the architecture of the huge tables on the 6th floor. Make them more portable, light-weight, changeable to personal space needs. Or giant cubes/boxes stackable to create seats and work surfaces.

conceptualizing assignment 4

conceptualizing assignment 4

Gina, Laryssa, and I began brainstorming ideas.

– OCADU has clubs but they are very invisible, or non-active, and uninviting. How can we fix this issue to make clubs more noticeable, welcoming, and active?

– Our school has many cool studios: 3D printing lab, fabrication lab, pottery studio, sound production lab, print lab, wood shop studio, spray paint booth, etc., but they are not accessible to everyone. For example, the wood shop is available to only first year students and environmental design majors. The sound lab is available to only integrated media majors, interdisciplinary majors, and students taking INTM sound courses.

– The 6th floor is awkwardly huge, and the tables are too big. People are not collaborating on these tables as much as it was meant to, but are focused on their MacBooks. Their is no socializing or interaction happening on these tables.


Some things Peter introduced to us as possible seminar presentation topics were SnapChat [an app you can download for your Android or iOS devices. You can send people a photo that last only 1-10 seconds long.]

And Hennesy Youngman [a persona of Jayson Musson- he makes interesting videos and talks about art in a way that it critiques it.] Although there could be interesting class discussions/debates about it, we didn’t find it to be relevant to the subject matter of the course.

Then lastly, we decided on Aaron Koblin’s The Sheep Market. He requested people on Amazon Mechanical Turk to draw sheeps for 2 cents, and money off of those drawings. We will present on the topic of crowd sourcing and authorship with the Sheep Market.

Final Discussion

Pinterest’s mission statement talks about how their goal is to connect everyone in the world through things they find interesting. So we thought about creating a statement about; how affective is creating a network by connecting people based on their shared interests and tastes?

We could choose an interest from the pinterest’s categories and have our identity be a, for example, a classic films fanatic/ food critic/ race car fanatic/ or travel fanatic/ etc. Or perhaps something like music fans, ex. people with interest in a particular music group or person, like fan channels on Youtube or Facebook, or each company usually have their own page or channel.

Then this identity could create their “mood board”, and share it on Facebook to their community of friends.

Second Discussion

We discussed more through Facebook about possible interests such as wire jewellery making, the difference between downtown mixed fruit tea and Chinatown basic tea leaves, or traveling the world, etc.

We plan to use Instagram if our mission statement was to seek out different cultural areas in downtown Toronto, like china town, korean town, etc, OCAD, and U of T. Then our identity enjoys sharing creative photos and simplicity, and is always on the go.


At this point, we are still unclear about the assignment, and have no solid concepts.

First Discussion

During class, my partner Gina and I brainstormed ideas such as, our identity’s exploration of various cultures around Toronto, or documenting traveling, online tour guiding, or daily school life through the use of Facebook.


Possible Missions:

– to make as much friends as possible

– to become noticed online

– create/ follow trends

– socialize/ involved in the network community


Documentation of:

– food

– fashion

– music

– popular music of different cultures

– toronto area

– school life*

– screen capture (photos of people doing non class related things)

– trip/ tourist attraction/ online tour guide*